Did you lose your swing??? Do this drill...

You may have felt that you've "lost" your swing - that time where nothing seems to feel right or familiar.  It's OK. You'll get it back, and here's the way to do it.  

The gist of this is to go back to basics and get the feel for a chip shot without using too much hand motion.  Get the sensation that your abdominal muscles or core muscles are doing most of the work.  When the bigger muscles are more in charge, then the little manipulating muscles in the hands can quiet down.  

Meanwhile, your weight should favor the front foot and then feel as though you turn your whole torso through to the finish.  Sure, the hips will go along for the ride, that's OK.  

While you do this, be sure to gaze quietly at the ball.  This will help you allow the club to bottom out where it needs to - at the ball.